How To Cook Like A TV Chef

TV chefs make knocking a delicious meal together look easy, well, they would, wouldn’t they? They’ve been at it for years and then they get all shouty and sweary when people who aren’t as good as them get the tiniest thing wrong. Most people enjoy cooking if they admit it, it’s a creative and nourishing thing to do. Cooking for lfussy family members might not fun but when you fancy a snack a few tips from the professionals can mean the difference between the same old same old and something a little bit special.

As well as being cheaper and more nutritious than buying in ready meals cooking well is a great pass time and even helps you to woo potential partners. So what’s not to love?


You need a very sharp knife, the kind of sharp that you’re a little bit worried about. A dull knife means you’ll be hacking instead of slicing with ease. Peel the vegetable you’re dicing first and if it’s a round vegetable cut it lengthwise first so you have a flat surface to put down on your chopping board.

Diced vegetables are generally taken to be when it’s been cut to a quarter to three quarters of an inch, any bigger and it’s ‘chopped,’ smaller than that and what you have is ‘minced.’

Always kept the point of the blade in contact with the chopping board and use it as a fulcrum. TV chefs can do this with speed but you don’t have to, just do it safely. Slice into thin strips and then cut those strips down into cubes.